Annunciation Catholic School Faculty and Staff

Rev. Michael Quilligan Pastor
Mrs. Jennifer Nicholson, M.Ed. Principal
Mrs. Deborah Mendez, M.S. Director of Religious Education
Mr. Hector Soto, M.Ed. Director of Technology
Mrs. Barbara Thomas Communications and Marketing/Athletic Director
Mrs. Lourdes Balbuza Main Office Secretary
Mrs. Christina Mirto Jr. High Secretary


Name Grade Email
Mrs. Jennifer Ponte, A.A. Pre-K
Mrs. Cristina Anfuso, B.A. Kindergarten
Mrs. Denise Leval, B.S. 1st Grade
Mrs. Tina Geraci, B.A. 2nd Grade
Mrs. Ana M. Soto, M.A. 3rd Grade
Mrs. Brigid Duncan 4th Grade
Ms. Lisa Balzer, M.S. 5th Grade
Mrs. Theresa Leto, B.A. 6-8 Math/Math Lab
Mrs. Deborah Mendez, M.S. 6-8 Religion/8 ELA
Mrs. Ileana Garcia, B.A. 6-8 Social Studies
Mr. Hector Soto, M.Ed. 6-8 Advanced Math
Ms. Saradhia Voltaire 6-8 Science/Science Lab
Miss Donna Morris, M.S. 6-7 ELA/Technology Lab
Mr. Alfred Casinelli, B.S. Music
Mr. Ryan Chapman, D.M.A. Band
Ms. Maria D’Argenzio, M.A. Library/Spanish
Mr. Michael Remy Physical Education
Mrs. Deborah Mesa, A.A. Art

Teacher Assistants

Mrs. Cathy Martinez Pre-K
Mrs. Andrea Zarate Kindergarten
Mrs. Molly Werner 1st Grade and 2nd Grade
Mrs. Barbara Thomas 3-5th Grades

Support Staff

Mrs. Giselle Bayard, M.S. School Counselor
Ms. Lynn Bradfield Cafeteria
Ms. Patty Daher Bookkeeper
Mrs. Patricia DeWain Church Secretary
Mr. Gustavo Patino Maintenance  
Mr. Carlos Puentes Maintenance  

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